Public and product liability

Your public and product liability coverage protects your company's balance sheet in case of dommages causes to a third party


This risks transfer program

  • Through your liability coverage, you transfer identified risk to an insurance company.
  • The insured company must identify and clearely list risks to be transfered. The insurance will accept some and accepted limits.

Your liability program can include:

  • Your public liability
  • Your product liablity
  • Your professional liability ( financial coverage )
  • Directors and officers liability

Points of intention

  • Companies saling in the USA and Canada must ask for a special coverage.
  • Some specialities such as the aeronautical and nuclear sector require high coverages involved and are excluded from standard coverages.

Our specialities

  • Product liablity's third party extensions to your american customers.
  • A single Liablity coverage program for you company and its subsidiaries.
  • A liability secret second line coverage.
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