Civil liability

Civil liability insurance is a contract that covers the financial consequences incurred by a company when it causes damage to a third party.
To transfer risks
  • For a company, taking out a civil liability policy is a management choice that allows it to transfer certain risks to an insurer.
  • The company must therefore make a precise declaration of its activities, which will then be studied and accepted by the insurance company.

The different components of a civil liability policy
  • Operating liability
  • Products and services liability
  • Professional liability
  • Civil liability of corporate officers
What you need to know before taking out a contract
  • Companies selling products and services in the USA and CANADA must notify their insurer.
  • Some activities, such as the aeronautical and nuclear sectors, involve very large amounts of capital and are subject to specific contracts.
Our specialties
  • Let your American customers benefit from your product liability policy.
  • Enable your foreign suppliers to benefit from your civil liability policy.
  • Extend your civil liability policy to your subsidiaries.
  • Install a second silent line for discreet security.

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