Employee retention

Companies need to take into account the various levers that motivate their employees in order to retain them and avoid talent drain: insurance is one of them.
Company mutual
  • Depending on your collective bargaining agreement, we can help you set up supplementary healthcare coverage.
  • We can offer you formulas with and without individual options, transforming the obligation of mutual insurance into a loyalty-building tool.
A provident contract

Often governed by your collective bargaining agreement, this coverage needs to be carefully studied, because in the event of insufficient coverage, the company is liable.

Inter-company savings plan
  • Flexible and easy to set up, this system is a real loyalty booster for your team.
  • The PEI enables employees and managers to build up savings for their medium-term projects, within an advantageous social and tax framework.
  • Beneficiaries: The non-salaried manager, if he/she usually employs between 1 and 250 employees (in addition to him/herself) his/her spouse, if he/she has the status of collaborating spouse or associate employees, whether on permanent or fixed-term contracts or apprenticeships
  • Optimized savings through matching contributions
A supplementary pension
  • The contributions paid by the company are exempt from social security contributions up to a limit of 5% of the remuneration subject to Social Security contributions, limited to five Annual Social Security Ceilings (PASS).

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