Our insurance solutions

Cyber risks

What is a cyber risk?

A cyber risk is a risk related to a computer system and/or the Internet, causing blockage and financial losses.

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In a single contract, you insure all the company's vehicles. From forklift trucks to executive vehicles.

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What is a contract of carriage?

A specific legal framework between :

  • The sender
  • The recipient
  • The carrier
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    Employee retention

    Companies must take into account the different levers of motivation of their employees in order to retain them and avoid a flight of their talents: Insurance is one of them.

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    Your decennial insurance

    The Spineta law, regulates many actors of the construction. Whether you are a craftsman, an intellectual building trade, a general contractor or a promoter, your obligations are very formal and can commit the survival of your company.

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    Risk management

    In permanent contact with the business world, our team brings together complementary experiences to help our clients identify the risks incurred by their company. We then accompany you to establish a protection program adapted to your expectations within your budget line.

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    Civil liability

    Civil liability insurance is a contract that guarantees the financial consequences incurred by the company when it causes damage to a third party.

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