Crisis management

⚠Crisis management,prepare nothing, can be fatal for a small business 👇

Believing that only large groups can equip themselves with a system that allows them to identify and face a crisis is a mistake. 🛑

Accessible to SMEs, crisis management is essential for any structure.
Learning to anticipate crisis situations in order to face them is within the reach of SMEs.
Moreover, this activity can become a federating axis with concrete practical implementations that enhance your team. 🎯

💡Crisis management TeamBuilding ideas

⬇In an increasingly digital and connected world, don't let the best of the virtual become your worst nightmare!

Two structures can help you on this subject:

👉CapSiriushelps youbuild a simple and pragmatic organization around good reflexes in case of crisis situations.
Through a teambulding approach 👤 Françoise Sance and her team, accompanies you to build your crisis management organization through a team cohesion action.

Cyber-attacks also represent "THE CRISIS" of the moment for companies. A good crisis management is essential for its survival.

👤AndreaCoulange,Magarantie-Cyber accompanies you with a vulnerability audit of your computer system followed by a technical support to adjust your computer protections with the aim of subscribing an insurance cover with an insurer who will bring you financial means in case of cyber attack.

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