Fraud risk

🎉💼 Risk management also means making our customers aware of the risks of fraud.
You may already make counter-calls before making certain transfers, or you may also ask for signed RIBs.

Have you ever felt a pang of panic when sending an official document by email?

But wait, we're coming to your rescue with the watermark service! 💡🔒
Imagine this: you send an official document, and poof! The watermark service turns it into a digital fortress, protecting it from misuse or unwanted onlookers. 💻
No more worrying about waiting for confirmation of receipt, because with watermarking, you can be sure your precious document is secure 🔐

Watermark service: https: //

It's like giving your official documents a superhero costume! 🦸‍♂️💼. With this service, your information remains under high protection, ready to face any digital challenge. 💥💾

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